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Mark is a certified hypnotist from New York City and has been performing his entire life. From musicals to plays, choirs to a cappella, Mark’s love of music and performance led him to study at The University of Connecticut, earning a BA in Music and BS in Education.

As a former Cruise Director for three years, Mark has enjoyed many successes including recurring #1 ratings for entertainment in 2017. Other highlights include producing and directing full length shows, as well as professional collaborations with leading entertainers such as comedian Tim Kaminsky, British showstopper Michelle Montuori, and original band members from the Broadway musical Swing!. Most recently, Mark was invited to perform as a Special Guest with Chicago’s famed comedy troupe, The Second City.

With over 70 countries under his belt, Mark blends his musical and theatrical backgrounds to create a truly unique experience for audiences. His signature hypnotic voice takes his volunteers to new levels, and this – combined with compassion, charisma, and, of course, comedy! – leaves everyone feeling good, having fun, and asking for more.

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